The Production Sound Cart 


The Production Sound Cart is our flagship model and was developed for Production Sound Mixers using flightcases or ABS boxes to transport their equipment.

A key design request for the Production Sound Cart was for it to fold for transportation and/or storage. This is achieved in only a few minutes which is ideal for those Production Sound Mixers that do not use a van.

“Solid, light-weight and easy to manoeuvre” - Stuart Piggott, United Kingdom

Customisation was a core design consideration as following our R&D it was clear that no two Sound Mixers configure their cart the same - even when using the same equipment! It features 6u of 19” equipment storage, the handles of the Production Sound Cart are fully height-adjustable and our range of accessories can be mounted in multiple locations to suit your workflow!

The Production Sound Cart enjoys a selection of model of specific accessories for non-factory installation. These include side handles, mounting bars as well as half-rack shelves and patchbays. A popular upgrade are the optional 8” all-terrain front caster wheels.

“I love it. It’s a really solid, reliable platform to work from which I imagine I’ll be using it for the next 20 years!” - Paul Zanders, United Kingdom

A wide range of universal accessories are also available to customise your cart further including headphone holder, script holder, mounting points and the all important cup holder.

Photo courtesy of Jake Slaney (@jakelistens)

Hand Built

To give total peace of mind, each Production Sound Cart is hand built prior to packing, dispatch and delivery.


The Production Sound Cart can be folded ready for transportation or storage in just a few minutes.

Aluminium Frame

The Production Sound Cart is constructed of light-weight materials and weighs just 25kg (53 lbs). It measures 1140-1225mm(H) x 612mm (W) x 737mm (D).

Height-adjustable Handle

The rear handle is fully height-adjustable so you can set it to whatever height is most comfortable for you.

Front Caster Wheels

The standard Production Sound Cart features front 125mm caster wheels with 360 degree travel. Optional 8” all-terrain casters are also available.

19” and Half-rack Rails

The Production Sound Cart features both 6u 19” Rack Rails as well as 8u Half-rack Rails.


The Production Sound Cart enjoys a selection of model of specific accessories as well as a wide range of universal accessories.

Field Tested

The Production Sound Cart has gone through extensive field testing by industry professionals like yourself which is why our carts are trusted by Sound Recordists and Production Sound Mixers worldwide!